Green eyed magician (my recurring dream in a poem)

photo_2017-04-12_19-04-40 (2).jpg

December nights have never tasted so warm

In my heart, the sights that my blinded eyes behold

Came here with a thought I am meeting a stranger

Turns out the night held much greater danger


With a hug his warm body met mine

The magic he held, he stopped the time

Soon enough I noticed the depth in his eyes

He took me to the forest, I was hypnotized


But there was a guardian watching over this sleepy town

He danced with kings from them he got his crown

For they past and travelled where they  have never been

He was their friend, he watched them sin


But their souls all gathered at one place

To shine upon us, to admire his grace

 As stars, the old kings muttered:

“One shall join us this evening.”

One star slowly shattered


Soon enough she fell on my frozen white hand

As she was singing the song of her far away land

I listened as the wind loudly wept

With every word I fastened my step


I wanted to say goodbye to my green eyed magician

But thoughts got me high, the star gave me her mission

She sneaked and crawled gently into my skin

I swallowed her burden as I lifted my chin


I was to replace her lonely broken light

For she lost it when she saw our hearts unite


I don’t recall of what happened then

I guess the magician used his pen


For I was awakened by the burning white light

But it wasn’t the moon that was blinding my sight

I heard the sirens and I heard the cries

I wondered if the star was just whispering lies


The moon was nowhere to be seen that day

I guess he was mad for the Magician got his way


Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this poem of mine. It kind of goes with yesterdays post. I hope you like this artsy week on my blog. Feel free to like, comment and share.

Spread your creativity

Lots of love, Ellodie 



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